Mother Me gives women the tools to make that transition from being a woman to becoming a mother as smooth and rewarding as possible, to help you become a mother, without losing your sense of self and keeping inner peace and life balance.

This book is a new approach for mums as it is structured as a self-guided course to take at your own leisure, or do with other new mums – and help you adjust to the manic, crazy journey of parenthood.

Mother Me helps you focus on your wellbeing after the birth of your baby and addresses the need for balance in your life. Comprised of six building blocks, Mother Me guides you on:

  • taking time out for self-care: emotionally and physically;
  • nurturing your relationship with your partner;
  • looking after the children;
  • creating a peaceful home environment;
  • reframing work and finances;
  • finding time for friends and extended family;

There are also stories from mothers about how they’ve achieved – and overcome - aspects of motherhood. Nearly all of the mums have agreed to put in their full names – so you know they are true stories from real mums!